Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Few New Bloomers

Here are a few plants that have come into flower since my last post.

Calochortus venustus, Butterfly Mariposa Lily

This geophyte is most commonly found to the north of here from L.A. County to the Bay Area and in the Sierra foothills. However, Calflora also shows it occurring in two locations in the desert mountains of Anza-Borrego. The conditions in my garden (ocean breeze in the shade of an oak tree) are more similar to those farther north. Below is an enlargement showing the very spiky hairs in the throat and an unidentified insect working on the anthers.

Next is another bulb, Bloomeria crocea, Goldenstar. In a previous post I mentioned that I had bought several more bulbs and planted them in the Fall. They are up and blooming now putting on a very nice display.

The last one for today is Calliandra peninsularis, Peninsular Fairyduster. I know this looks very much like C. californica but it is a recognized, distinct species that is endemic to the southern Sierra La Giganta and the Cape region of Baja, according to Rebman and Roberts. I am excited about this one because I have had it several years and this is the first time it has bloomed. It's not in a great location, on the edge of the drip line of the oak tree, so it probably gets too much shade and leaf drop, but it's thriving and now blooming. It forms a sort of backdrop to a small area of Baja succulents.

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