Saturday, March 28, 2015

Everything That's in Flower, Part 2

Continuing with everything that is blooming right now in my garden, here are species 26-48.

26.  Leptosyne (coreopsis) maritima

27. Lupinus succulentus

28. Mammillaria dioica

29. Mimulus aurantiacus

30. Mirabilis laevis

31. Opuntia littoralis

32. Papaver heterophyllum

 33. Phacelia tanacetifolia

34. Prunus ilicifolia ssp. lyonii

35. Quercus agrifolia

 36. Ranunculus californicus 

37. Ribes speciosum

Ruellia californica ssp. peninsularis

39. Salvia brandegeei

40. Salvia clevelandii

41. Salvia spathacea

42. Silene laciniata

43. Sisyrinchium bellum

44. Stachys bullata

45. Trichostema lanatum

46. Verbena lilacena “De la Mina”

47. Xylococcus bicolor

48. Yucca shidigera

I might have missed one or two, but that's all I have time for now. There should be a few more later.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Everything That's In Flower, Part 1

I haven't written anything since January, and since then a lot has happened in the garden. The early bloomers like Ceanothus verrucosus have already done their thing. But a lot of the rest of them are at their peak right now. I decided that this would be a good time to get photos of everything that is in bloom at the moment. WARNING - This is going to be a long one and I have divided it into two parts. So here goes, in alphabetical order by botanical name...

1. Abutilon palmeri

2.  Achillea millefolium var. lanulosa

3. Allium unifolium

4. Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. crassifolia

5. Burroughsia fastigiata

6. Calliandra californica

7. Calystegia macrostegia ‘Anacapa Pink’

8. Carex Spissa

9. Ceanothus 'Ray Hartman'

10. Cirsium Occidentale

11. Clarkia bottae

12.  Clarkia unguiculata

13. Claytonia perfiolata

14. Clematis pauciflora

15. Collinsia heterophylla

16. Dendromecon harfordii

17. Dichelostemma capitatum

18. Dudleya attenuata

19. Dudleya brittonii (white form)

20.  Eschscholzia californica

21. Euphorbia misera

22. Euphorbia xanti

23.  Fremontodendron ‘Pacific Sunset’

24.  Gambelia (Galvezia) juncea

25. Lepechinia fragrans